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On-Site MRI

In many cases, a MRI is ordered to better diagnose and enhance the possible injury that you may have deep within your muscle and bone system. Generally, in most cases you have to get a prescription and then call for an appointment or another test at another location. Your time is used poorly and you’re sent to a Center that may not be as friendly or cautious to your suspected injury as our Imaging Center. Our on-site facility, Amarillo Imaging Center, is located in the same building for your convenience. Just click on MRI to read about our On-Site Services.

On-Site Digital Radiography including X-Ray

It’ frustrating to schedule a doctor’s appointment only to learn you have to travel to other locations to get charts, pick up X-Ray films and then wait. We’ve eliminated the hassle for our patients at Amarillo Bone and Joint by providing Digital Radiography including X-ray and On-Site MRI Services.

X-Ray services are usually provided in most orthopedic practices in the United States. However, at Amarillo Bone and Joint our PACS Office Radiology System is an even more positive improvement. Just click on X-RAY to read about our office radiology system. It’s fast, efficient, and your waiting and discomfort is kept to a minimum.