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Photo of Brian Haseloff, MD, PhD

Brian Haseloff, MD, PhD

A native of Farwell, Texas, Dr. Haseloff joins the clinic from a career in family and sports medicine. Dr. Haseloff is Board Certified and received his doctoral degree from Texas Tech University and his medical degree from Texas Tech Health Sciences Center (TTHSC), where he worked as a family practice physician from 2002 until 2005.

In 2004 he was named Chief Resident of the Department of Family Practice at TTHSC, a post he held until 2005. Following that, Dr. Haseloff moved into fellowships in Sports Medicine and Pain in Fort Worth, Texas. He has also served as an urgent care physician at BSA Health Systems and as assistant team physician for the athletics departments of Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, and Texas Wesleyan University. He is a member of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.

Dr. Haseloff has several publications & presentations:
  • American Phytopathological Society, Annual Meeting Pittsburg PA , Analysis of exuT DNA in Erwinia chyrsanthemi EC16 , B. Haseloff, T. Freeman, M. Melkus, M. San Francisco , 08/ 1995
  • Lost Pines Molecular Biology Conference , Molecular Characterization of the Galacturonate Permease and its Regulation in Erwinia chyrsanthemi EC16 , V. Valmeekam, B. Haseloff, V. Hill, M. San Francisco , 10/ 1997
  • Mol .Plant-Microbe. Interact. , The exuT gene of ERWINIA CHRYSANTHEMI EC16, nucleotide sequence, expression, localization and relevance of the gene product. ,Haseloff, B.J., T. L. Freeman, V. Valmeekam, M. W. Melkus. M.S. Valachovic and M.J.D. San Francisco. , 12/ 1998 , Volume: 11 , Pages: 270-276
  • Trends in Plant Pathology. , Transport of plant cell wall molecules in phytopathogenic bacteria. , V. Valmeekam, M.W. Melkus, B.J. Haseloff and M.J.D. San Francisco. , 12/ 1998 , Volume: 1 , Pages: 71-75
  • Ph.D. Dissertation. Texas Tech University. , Expression and Biochemical Analysis of the Galacturonate Transporter of ERWINA CHYRSANTEMI EC16. , Haseloff, B.J. , 12/ 1999
  • Pain Boot Camp July 2009:Angel Fire NM,
    • Neuromodulation Lecture
    • Neuropathic Pain Lecture

Dr. Haseloff is married to Rachel. He enjoys being active in his community, having served as member of the Board of Education for St. John Lutheran Church in Farwell, team physician for James Bowie High School in Ft. Worth, ring physician for the Maverick Club Golden Gloves in Amarillo and Texas State Golden Gloves in Ft. Worth, and on the medical staff for the Hotter than Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls.